Drumscapes – Tradition meets Innovation meets Technology.

Drumscapes is the solo live sampling ( live looping ) project of UK percussionist Jon Sterckx.

Using a range of percussion instruments, vocal percussion & live sampling, Jon creates live multi – percussion rhythmic soundscapes – ‘Drumscapes’

  • Drumscapes - Jon Sterckx

Jon began creating Drumscapes in 2006 as a unique and original solo performance which includes a range of instruments from different musical traditions with the cutting edge technology of the day. All instruments are played, recorded, mixed and remixed live on stage – no pre-recorded loops or samples are used.


β€œJon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! He is the creator of magnificent soundscapes that will transport you into an unmissable musical nirvana!” – DJ Ritu – DJ, radio presenter, world music pioneer.


tabla / darabuka / frame drums / djembe / riq / cajon / udu / shakers / mouth harps / woodblock / vocal percussion / live / recorded / acoustic / electronic / tradition / innovation

Jon has performed Drumscapes at events up & down the UK: WOMAD, Musicport, London International Arts Festival, Beautiful Days, Larmer Tree, TedxWarwick, TEDxBrum, Cardiff Mela, Belfast Mela, Glasgow Mela amongst many others.

This website is about Drumscapes – Jon Sterckx live sampling ( live looping ) project. For Jon’s Indian Music performances & workshops, World Rhythm workshops & all other work, go to www.jonsterckx.co.uk