About Drumscapes:

Tradition meets innovation meets cutting edge technology.
Traditional instruments and rhythms from around the world are brought together with 21st Century performance tools, live audio processing and sound manipulation in a truly unique and innovative delivery. All instruments are played, sampled, mixed & processed live on stage in a synthesis of traditional musicianship and live electronics.

The result is Drumscapes – a unique blend of rhythmic soundscapes, bouncy world rhythms & high energy drumming.


Jon’s Drumscapes performance at TEDxWarwick was selected for the TEDx Global Music Project in the Worldbeats category:  http://tedxmusicproject.com/category/worldbeats/

The TEDx Global Music Project is a selection of the best music performances from over 10,000 Ted events worldwide.

Jon also performed Drumscapes at TEDxBrum in 2016. Click here to watch video from TEDxBrum 2016

“Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! He is the creator of magnificent soundscapes that will transport you into an unmissable musical nirvana!” – DJ Ritu – DJ, radio presenter, world music pioneer.

As well as his Drumscapes performances, Jon also performs with sitar & tabla duo Samswara, teaches tabla & percussion in Stroud & Gloucestershire, is the tabla teacher for the Indian Music & Dance Academy, Swindon and provides Indian music & world rhythm workshops to schools, colleges & universities across the UK.

For more info about Jon – other projects, music & videos visit jonsterckx.co.uk