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Drumscapes CD 1

The tracks on this CD are studio recordings of Jon’s Drumscapes live sampling / live looping multi-track pieces, created with acoustic percussion instruments, vocal percussion and digital audio effects. Drones & electronic sounds are produced by processing the live audio samples of percussion & voice through audio effects. All playing, sampling and processing are done in real time as in live performance.

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Review of Drumscapes CD from Musician Magazine Summer 2010:

“Jon Sterckx – Drumscapes – This gifted drummer, percussionist and tabla player has performed in a variety of styles and formats, including contemporary fusion and Indian classical. Using a wide range of instruments, samples and vocals, his energetic and idiosyncratic soundscapes exist where tradition meets experimentation.
Tongue Twister relies on a vocal phrase for it’s rhythmic base yet accentuates it’s electronic components, making for a rewarding final production. Res09 has a metallic feel, Undercurrent highlights Eastern flavours and the last track, Rack – It, has the makings of a rave classic. Fascinating.”


Jon’s Drumscapes music has been used as a sountrack for a slideshow – “Spirit of the Serengeti” on the wildlife of Tanzania by Internationally recognised explorer, Helen Thayer. There are some incredible photos and also other slideshows and information on the website – well worth a visit: